Inbound marketing

It certainly didn’t escape your attention that the effectiveness of traditional online advertising is decreasing. Users are attacked with ads everywhere and impulsively ignore banners or simply use tools to block them. And if the users don’t see ads, they neither click on nor remember them.

Traditional positioning methods (SEO) are also becoming less and less effective after consecutive updates of Google algorithms.
In such a situation, what effectively helps fight for users is inbound marketing, i.e. "attraction marketing", which is about creating valuable content (content marketing) and promoting it through social media or other ways.

Use our team to generate content that will attract users from your target group.
We’ll do our best to ensure they are so interesting and visually attractive that users readily share them with their friends.

We’ll publish them in such a way users can do that with hardly any effort.

We can also work with authors from your organization as well as external content providers.

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