Online advertising

Your target group is on the Internet, full stop. We just have to establish how the group uses the Internet and where they enjoy spending their time.

Tell us what your objectives, budget and timetables are. Let us know your plans for communication actions in other media (off-line) to make it easier for us to synchronise it and produce the synergy effect.

We’ll plan an effective advertising campaign for you on the Internet. Then, while carrying it out, we’ll keep optimising actions taking into consideration the results we’ll observe.
We’ll choose portals, websites and advertising networks and, in cooperation with these, we’ll reach your future clients with the use of targeting (contextual and behavioural).
We’ll write some catchy advertising content and design attractive media for it.

We’ll draw your prospects to a conversion-optimised landing page where from anonymous visitors they will become valuable leads.
We’ll select the most beneficial advertising model (CPM, CPC, CPA, CPS or flat fee) for you and we’ll obtain the highest discounts.
And all that to maximise your ROI.

How to spend your budget on online advertising in the most effective way?
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