CRM, ERP, MRP or HR - probably your company uses at least one of these IT systems. They support business processes which also include internet communication. A company website should cooperate with them by, for example, delivering sales leads, publishing job offers and collecting applications.

There are even more systems beyond the company network that are worth integrating with. Recruitment, auction and courier sites, online payments, price comparison websites and review sites. Hundreds - and thousands on a global scale - of various kinds of applications that make their functionalities available through API that is easy to integrate with.

What’s more, you’ve got social networking services, which means that users are engaged with content and communications and also that registration and logging in are facilitated.

We’ll integrate your company website, online application or online store with the systems you’ll indicate. We’ll also be happy to suggest external applications whose functionalities will be a reasonable supplement to your website.
If this is your wish, we can create an API for your application so that others can integrate with it.

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