Probably you don’t have a clue about how often and how long your website is unavailable. It’s really not in the interest of hosting companies to inform you about every failure of their servers. And if you get to know about any problems with your website, then you get to know that from users.

If a failure happens during an advertising campaign and is not immediately found and eliminated, you’ll lose part of your budget because users will end up in an empty space.

Use the potential of our website availability monitoring system appreciated by users from 25 countries.

Availability and proper functioning of your website may be checked every 60 seconds. In the case of failure, which is confirmed by several independent monitoring stations, you’ll receive a notice via email, text message or even to your ‘Gadu Gadu’ instant messenger.

A full history of failures lets you analyze problems and verify the quality of the hosting you use, i.e. to compare the real availability level with the level guaranteed in the SLA.

We also monitor the speed of websites, the expiration of domains and SSL certificates - and in ecommerce stores and web applications the operation of functions and entire processes according to defined scenarios.

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