WordPress website maintenance


For proper functioning, but above all for security, WordPress requires regular updates. "Small" updates - meaning changes in the version number after the second decimal - can and should be done automatically. Larger updates, on the other hand, should be done manually, with caution and vigilance.
Such updates are performed in the first place on a freshly made working copy of the service - in case of unexpected problems. Only after a successful update of the copy, we perform it in the production service.

Development work

As a part of our constant supervision of the website, we also make modifications to the appearance and functionality. We edit theme templates, install new plugins, perform programming work.

Well informed

We constantly keep track of official social profiles and groups related to WordPress.

Thanks to this, we are able to find out at an early stage about revealed security vulnerabilities or significant flaws in popular plugins. It helps us ensure the security and proper functioning of websites based on WordPress.

Support in content editing

If you lack the time to make changes to the website content yourself or if you just simply don't get it right, benefit from our experience in using WordPress. We will implement any amount of text and media quickly and efficiently.

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