Anatomy of the landing page, i.e. how to catch the user

19-06-2013, Category Conversion

Attracting good traffic to your company website (i.e. users from the target group) is only half the success. Visitors have to be converted into sales leads and obtaining an even average conversion rate (of 2%) is not an easy thing to do. Photo by: U.S. Navy ROI of the online campaign It’s easy to calculate the ROI of an online campaign after the campaign has finished when the sales results are known. But do you know how to estimate this value when planning the campaign? You have to learn the following values: CPM and CTR for the cost per impression campaign CPC for the cost per click campaign CR1: conversion rate of users into sales leads (skip for e-commerce websites) CR2: conversion rate of leads into sales CART: the average cart value (order value). These are already derived formulas...