Inbound Marketing means Attraction Marketing

05-09-2012, Category Social Media

Since Google algorithms were yet again updated (Penguin, Panda), results of a classic SEO have been worse and worse. The effectiveness of the traditional disruptive advertising is decreasing, regardless of the media. On the other hand, it has long been known that “content is the king”. This has sparked a new trend in internet marketing called inbound marketing. The traditional marketing (“outbound marketing” or “disruptive marketing”) relies on a paid advertisement. The advertiser reaches its target group through messages that are added by force to the content users are interested in. The number of adverts is increasing, their size is greater and greater and so they are more disturbing to users consuming the content. Moreover, users get used to the adverts and no longer pay much...

How to refresh a link title or description when sharing it on Facebook for a second time?

23-03-2012, Category Social Media

It is – in spite of appearances – a quite common situation. You share a link to your website on Facebook in a hurry – and then you notice a typo in its title or description. You quickly remove the post, fix the website and share again. But – surprise – Facebook remembers (caches) the contents from your previous share – and the typo is still there. That’s true – you can edit titles and descriptions when posting on Facebook. But if any other user shares your link, the old data will be back. You could use a different URL when sharing – e.x. by adding some insignificant parameter to it. But Facebook will consider it a new website and will start counting “likes” from zero. How to clear Facebook share cache? There is one barerly known...

Facebook Timeline in company profiles (+ template)

13-03-2012, Category Social Media

A year and a half ago, I wrote about 15 steps to an effective company profile on Facebook. The time has now come to make changes. At the end of 2011, Facebook introduced Timeline in private profiles. This is a new layout of a user page with a large picture in the headline and all user activities arranged in a chronological order. Since the end of February 2012 Timeline has also been available for brand pages. For the time being it is an option but on 30 March, the new layout of company profiles will be pushed live to everyone automatically. Preview Looking at the profile that you administer you will see a preview option in the new layout. This is a safe option – only you will be able to see the page as a timeline until you decide to publish the new version. If you administer a number...

A successful company page on Google+ in 7 steps

09-01-2012, Category Social Media

So far Google’s social networking service looks rather poor when compared to Facebook, the industry’s king. “Only” 62 million users have a Google Plus account (source), whereas the same number for Facebook is 800 million. However, despite that, it is worth including Google+ in your online marketing activities. Why? Google uses the power of its search engine (with 84.72% global and 83.18% U.S. market share, source) to promote its social networking service. Both the number of “+1’s” (equivalents of “Likes” on Facebook) and the fact of having a company profile positively influence the position in search results. It has been possible to set up company profiles on Google+ since November 2011. Of course, there was no point in reinventing the wheel, which is why they look...

15 steps to an effective company page on Facebook

01-06-2011, Category Social Media

Over 650 million users. Large and fast growing target, which, in addition, is open to non-aggressive promotion activities. No wonder companies readily create their websites on Facebook and try to attract as many users as possible. Each fan (i.e. a user who clicked the “Like” button on the company’s website) is worth its weight in gold because they automatically subscribe to messages sent by the company and if they find any message worthwhile then they make it available to their friends. Everyone can create a website on Facebook as is the case with creating an account. That makes the temptation to be there as fast as possible even greater. But be careful: a company’s website on Facebook which was created in a hurry and was not thought out may not only damage the image of the company...