The secret to online sales success

18-06-2011, Category E-commerce

In fact there is no secret but five areas on which the result of an e-commerce project depends. If you properly care for all of them, your success is guaranteed. If you are perfect in a few of them, your chances are much greater but there is no guarantee. For the sake of clarity, I understand success not only as high product or service sales volumes but also as clients’ satisfaction and loyalty. Area 1: Brand A pillar of marketing communication; any actions will always be taken in the context of a brand with its history being created and reputation being built at the same time. Even a best prepared product will not be received well by the market, if there is no trusted brand behind it. Best if it is reputed and if it has got no own history yet, it should at least be well designed. Components...

Functionalities of online shops

20-05-2011, Category E-commerce

This article is a continuation of another one on a similar subject: “How much is an online shop and how long does it take to implement it?” Every online shop has a basic group of functionalities which mark the e-commerce website out from other websites of another type. However, trading processes can be handled in different ways and a shop may perform more business functions than just taking orders. In order to decide what the e-commerce website we are developing should include, first we should know the options. Basic functionalities The core of an online shop are the product catalogue and the cart. The users browse products which are grouped in categories and add the desired ones to the cart. Next there is the transaction handling, which in its simplest form consists in the order being...

How much is an online shop and how long does it take to implement it?

13-05-2011, Category E-commerce

World’s e-commerce turnover in 2010 reached USD 570 bn and the estimated rise of this number in the next year is 19%. The market is growing dynamically, which makes more and more entrepreneurs start thinking about entering e-commerce. In order to take a decision about starting an online shop, we have to consider – apart from purely business elements (product, providers, logistics, marketing etc.) – technological conditions, i.e. options, costs and the implementation time of the shop itself. Engines and prices The fundamental decision you have to take while choosing an online shop provider is the decision about its engine, i.e. a ready-made mechanism supporting typical e-commerce functionalities. In the case of online shops, there is no point in building a solution from scratch because...