Functionalities of online shops

20-05-2011, Category E-commerce

This article is a continuation of another one on a similar subject: “How much is an online shop and how long does it take to implement it?” Every online shop has a basic group of functionalities which mark the e-commerce website out from other websites of another type. However, trading processes can be handled in different ways and a shop may perform more business functions than just taking orders. In order to decide what the e-commerce website we are developing should include, first we should know the options. Basic functionalities The core of an online shop are the product catalogue and the cart. The users browse products which are grouped in categories and add the desired ones to the cart. Next there is the transaction handling, which in its simplest form consists in the order being...

The process of building company website – part 1: Planning

10-05-2010, Category Web Design

Companies build their websites relatively rarely – usually at the very beginning of their business activity and then approximately every 3-4 years depending on environment changes. By environment I mean technology (e.g. display resolutions), current trends (e.g. fashion for videos) as well as competitiveness because it is important never to stay behind competitors. Moreover, also significant changes within an organization such as rebranding or major labour turnovers (a new Board of Directors or a new Marketing Department) often require the creation of a new website. Due to the fact that this website-building process does not occur often, not all marketers are familiar with it. This makes the creation of websites, which are the basic tools of e-marketing, a unique opportunity. Planning The...