E-Marketer Tools – 2017 edition [infographic]

11-01-2017, Category Other

This year’s edition of our list of web tools for people involved in internet marketing contains over 100 applications in 52 categories, divided into 9 groups. Compared to the last year, we added 11 new categories and updated some of the old ones. [click to enlarge] [click to enlarge] You can publish the infographic on your own blog or website – just don’t forget to link back to this post. Here is some example code for your convenience: <a href="https://www.siteimpulse.com/images/emarketer-tools-2017.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.siteimpulse.com/images/emarketer-tools-2017.jpg" alt="E-Marketer Tools 2017" style="max-width:850px;width:100%;" /></a><br /> <br /> Source: <a href="https://www.siteimpulse.com/blogen/e-marketer-tools-2017-edition-infographic/"...

E-Marketer Tools – 2016 edition [infographic]

12-01-2016, Category Other

New edition of this infographic is out: “E-Marketer Tools – 2017 edition”   With our customers in mind we compiled a list of on-line tools (web applications) that are useful for people involved in internet marketing. This little “cheat sheet” includes over 80 applications – two (the best two, in our opinion*) for every of 41 categories, divided into 9 groups: Analytics Advertising Communications SEO Market Intelligence Graphics Social Media Productivity Testing The list includes information if a tool is free or paid (or both). Now we’re making the result of our work available in the form of an infographic. [click to enlarge] [click to enlarge] If you’d like to publish the infographic on your website – no problem. Just don’t...

Christmas competition for marketers and webmasters with over $4000 worth of prizes to be won

29-11-2011, Category Other

Competition closed. Thank you all for your participation. Regarding the prizes I will contact everyone directly. Sponsors Prizes Timetable Rules Take part In December, the month of Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, I invite you, Dear Readers, to take part in a competition. The total value of prizes is over $4000 and almost $1800 of that is only the first prize. Everyone can participate and the rules are very simple. You only need to be a fan of my blog and promote it well enough to attract as many new users as possible. Sponsors Below is the list of prizes for each place in the ranking. But first a few words about the Sponsors. DashThis – executive dashboards for Google Analytics Webmastat – a webmaster dashboard (website management tool) Website Monitoring...

Scaling, converting and sending graphic files

06-05-2011, Category Other

Characteristics of raster and vector graphics files and their various formats and uses were the subject of my recent article “Raster vs. vector graphics and graphic file formats”. It is time for some tips about how to deal with various files and not limit yourself only to forwarding them as e-mail attachments. Scaling and cropping Basic processing of raster graphic files is really not complicated and there is not much sense in wasting time and commissioning such simple tasks to graphic designers. The processing can be done literally within minutes and without having to install any specialist software. It is enough to use one of many free Internet websites; every one of them makes it possible to carry out basic operations on pictures (scaling, cropping or rotating) and some make it possible...

Raster vs. vector graphics and graphic file formats

29-04-2011, Category Other

Interactive agencies, advertising agencies, media houses, printing houses and other providers require that marketers deliver to them graphic materials in various forms. They need vector files one time and raster files another time and they usually specify acceptable formats in the form of three-letter extensions. They also often specify minimum bitmap dimensions or resolutions which are expressed in pixels. In this article, I explain in short the difference between bitmaps and vectors, talk about the characteristics of given file formats and suggest when to use which formats. Bitmap vs. vectors Bitmap (raster) graphic file is a rectangular area composed of pixels, i.e. tiny squares of specific colours. Every shape is composed of thousands of pixels which is why we cannot see individual squares...

How to protect from spam?

28-09-2009, Category Other

Are you sick with spam and do you want to protect your box from unwanted mail? Do you want to understand where does it come from and how to fight with it? With this article you will learn the following: where does spam come from where do spammers have got your e-mail address from how to protect your e-mail address how to reduce the quantity of the received spam Where does spam come from? Majority of spam information comes from the United States (over 25%). The other two countries on this disputable podium take South Korean and China. International spam is made of advertisements of products and services offered by suppliers who do not care for their image. They use scale effect – sending millions of advertising mails in deep belief that there will always be someone who will decide to buy. Credit...

Archive: How to define well requirements for a website?

06-08-2008, Category Other

Are you planning implementation of a new website and make preparations for the meetings with interactive agencies? Do you want to write a professional brief for www site? With this article you can learn, among others: what will the questions of website designer be how to begin with information accumulation what are the types of websites how can you write information structure This article includes 12 questions, which have to be answered. They define requirements to the website. When noting your own answers you will be prepared for the talk with interactive agency or you will gather materials for complete brief. Where to begin? Before gathering requirements to the website we have to prepare basic information about the firm, i.e. present your firm to the potential designer. This information...

Archive: How to choose the best hosting?

17-04-2007, Category Other

You face selection of hosting for your firm, but you have no certainty as to what and where to search? Do you need assistance in comparing offers and provider selection? With this article you will learn: what is the meaning of parameters describing hosting packages what are the duties of hosting service providers which option is the best for you which provider to select What is hosting and when do we need it? Hosting is – to put it simply – a service which offers access of a defined space and selected functionalities of internet servers. Hosting is used by big companies that do not maintain own server infrastructure or do it only partially. For example – many companies possess own servers of electronic mail, but corporation www sites are maintained on outside servers. What are the types...