When will my website appear in Google?

19-05-2010, Category SEO/SEM

A corporate website’s launch, i.e. the moment when the website is published, is actually not equivalent to instantly appearing in Google search results. If a newly created website replaces an old one, Google only needs to update the information in its own database (called the index) with respect to the new information. However, if an entirely new website with a new URL address is published, Google needs to find it first and add it to the index. It is possible to add a URL to Google under http://www.google.pl/addurl/?continue=/addurl. However, no one has ever confirmed that this actually works or how long one needs to wait for a website to be added. SEO specialists never use it and claim that in order for a website to be added to the index (=indexed) Googlebot needs to find it first. Googlebot The...

Archive: How to get a high position in search engines?

01-09-2008, Category SEO/SEM

Do you work in marketing and are you responsible for the company’s website? Do you want to learn what is SEO, what does it involve and how to realize it? With this article you will learn the following: what is SEO and what does it involve? how to effectively select key words? how to select SEO firm? what should be expected from the contractor? How do catalogues and search engines work? Internet catalogues – once the basic source of information on www sites, presently, in backstage position. They make lists of links to Internet sites accessible in the form of category tree. They are characterized by the way individual inscriptions get to the catalogue. They are added by hand by interested persons – most often creators or owners of www sites. Such a person – with the help of special...