How much does a website cost?

20-08-2014, Category Web Design

And how much is a house? This question is just as general and also can’t be answered without lots of additional information. ‘Universal’ cost of making a website is what people ask interactive agencies, individual website creators and Google about. Photo by: Timothy Allen WWW like a house It was not without reason that I used an allegory of the house. Frankly speaking, it happened to me several times that I used it when talking to a client. It’s just because building a house – putting it in simple terms – is very similar to making a website. First of all, a building can be used in various ways – it can be a residential (single-family or multifamily) house, office building, store, warehouse, sports facility etc. Secondly, the size of the building and its components...

Christmas competition for marketers and webmasters with over $4000 worth of prizes to be won

29-11-2011, Category Other

Competition closed. Thank you all for your participation. Regarding the prizes I will contact everyone directly. Sponsors Prizes Timetable Rules Take part In December, the month of Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, I invite you, Dear Readers, to take part in a competition. The total value of prizes is over $4000 and almost $1800 of that is only the first prize. Everyone can participate and the rules are very simple. You only need to be a fan of my blog and promote it well enough to attract as many new users as possible. Sponsors Below is the list of prizes for each place in the ranking. But first a few words about the Sponsors. DashThis – executive dashboards for Google Analytics Webmastat – a webmaster dashboard (website management tool) Website Monitoring...