The process of building a company website – part 2: Choice of technology and contractor

12-05-2010, Category Web Design

Previous part of the article: part 1: Planning Choice of technology Entrusting an interactive agency with the task of choosing the right technology is only seemingly the best solution. Having received no particular details from the client, the contractor would feel fully free in designing the website. However, such a solution might mean that the agency would choose the best technology for itself and not for its customer. The key decision to make is to choose the appropriate operating system – Windows or Linux. As far as PCs are concerned the situation is rather clear (see usage share of operating systems) but utterly different rules apply to web servers. The difference between Windows-based servers and those using Linux lies mainly in the costs. Microsoft licenses and certificates...

Archive: How to define well requirements for a website?

06-08-2008, Category Other

Are you planning implementation of a new website and make preparations for the meetings with interactive agencies? Do you want to write a professional brief for www site? With this article you can learn, among others: what will the questions of website designer be how to begin with information accumulation what are the types of websites how can you write information structure This article includes 12 questions, which have to be answered. They define requirements to the website. When noting your own answers you will be prepared for the talk with interactive agency or you will gather materials for complete brief. Where to begin? Before gathering requirements to the website we have to prepare basic information about the firm, i.e. present your firm to the potential designer. This information...