E-Marketer Tools – 2016 edition [infographic]

12-01-2016, Category Other

New edition of this infographic is out:

“E-Marketer Tools – 2017 edition”


With our customers in mind we compiled a list of on-line tools (web applications) that are useful for people involved in internet marketing.

This little “cheat sheet” includes over 80 applications – two (the best two, in our opinion*) for every of 41 categories, divided into 9 groups:

  • Analytics
  • Advertising
  • Communications
  • SEO
  • Market Intelligence
  • Graphics
  • Social Media
  • Productivity
  • Testing

The list includes information if a tool is free or paid (or both).

Now we’re making the result of our work available in the form of an infographic.

[click to enlarge]
E-Marketer Tools 2016
[click to enlarge]

If you’d like to publish the infographic on your website – no problem. Just don’t forget about a backlink to this very blog post.
You can also use the following code:

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="E-Marketer Tools 2016" style="max-width:850px;width:100%;" /></a><br />
<br />
Source: <a href="" target="_blank"><em>E-Marketer Tools by SITEIMPULSE - 2016 edition</em></a>

If you think there is any tool or a category missing – do let us know in comments. It’s very likely we will include your suggestion in the next edition of our infographic.

*Two of the tools listed on the infographic – and – are our products. We have included them deliberately – we are sure they are worth it.

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