How to refresh a link title or description when sharing it on Facebook for a second time?

23-03-2012, Category Social Media

It is – in spite of appearances – a quite common situation.
You share a link to your website on Facebook in a hurry – and then you notice a typo in its title or description.
You quickly remove the post, fix the website and share again.
But – surprise – Facebook remembers (caches) the contents from your previous share – and the typo is still there.

That’s true – you can edit titles and descriptions when posting on Facebook. But if any other user shares your link, the old data will be back.

You could use a different URL when sharing – e.x. by adding some insignificant parameter to it. But Facebook will consider it a new website and will start counting “likes” from zero.

How to clear Facebook share cache?

There is one barerly known tool that comes in handy in such situations – Debugger. It enables you to see what Facebook sees a website like. And – by the way – it deletes the stored contents and makes Facebook read the website again.
Simply click here, paste your URL and submit.

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Ashoksinh 15-01-2017 wrote:


I think This work only for future post not past post which i already shared…
i change my image in article of my website, but facebook not change my article image on old share link, even i debug it

Then i find that to update your article on share link of facebook, you need to first change in developer debug then you have to refresh you link where you share.

i share my link at 30-40 place in fb, now i need to refreash everywhere :{

Basti 02-09-2017 wrote:


Thanks! Exactly what i was looking for.

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