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17-02-2014, Category Online Advertising

This is a post written by our friends from Salt Lake City, following up to our previous post: “Company blog – where to find ideas for posts?“.

When you create a quality blog post, you may find yourself at a loss as to how you can promote it. Some small business owners can spend a lot of money trying to market their content, only to wind up with wasted content and very few followers. How can you share your blog content, and gain new readers? The thing to remember is to build solid connections with other blog owners and influencers. You need to be able to gain exposure for your blog post, especially if you know it is better than the others that are getting plenty of traffic. To help you change the way you market your blog posts, use these simple tips.

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Check Out Realtime

It is hard to create a blog post that is completely unique, based on the number of websites that all have content related to yours. You need to check out websites like Realtime, as they will help you to get an idea of what is trending. You can use this to help you create a unique post that people will want to read, and you can then check to make sure you are creating a post that others haven’t touched on yet. You might end up with some similar topics, but the goal is to keep your blog post simple and directly related to your niche audience. A great way to help you come up with engaging, unique content is to try using tools like Seogadget’s content strategy generator. This tool can help you create a massive list of topics related to your target market.

Use Social Media

After you have a post ready, and you are planning to share it with your social media accounts, you want to first start by finding the people that are already sharing a lot of posts. Reach out to these individuals and find a way to get them to share your post. Start by offering them something of value to share with their readers, like an infographic. These are easy to create, and they tell your target audience a large story compared to a 1000+ word article. The important thing you need to know about blog influencers is that you need to develop a relationship with them before you start asking them to share your content on their social media networks. Look for the bloggers that wrote something similar to what you plan to share, email them, and form a relationship with them. This makes it much easier for you to ask them to share your content when you have it ready, just know they will ask you to share their content as well.

Share Often

If you want to keep your relationships with blog owners positive, plan on responding to their emails and sharing their content often. They will be inclined to share your new posts when you email them as they see the importance of gaining the link from you. Social media does require you to stay active with your profiles if you hope to gain plenty of traffic. Plan on posting at least 2-3 times a week, and checking your social media account daily to manage the traffic you are going to receive thanks to the relationships with blog influencers.

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