Is your website WordPress based? It may be in danger.

28-09-2016, Category Maintenance

What are the real risks for websites running on an outdated version of WordPress? Why install updates if the website is working properly? What to do to be able to rest easy? Photo by: Sébastien Launay WordPress WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It is being used by most of websites globally (51% to 68%, depending on the source). Its exceptional popularity is due to many factors, the most important of them are: Open Source (i.e. open and free code, anyone can edit it) truly user-friendly interface – i.e. intuitiveness and ease of use short implementation time for a website with standard functionalities unique community which eventually gathered around the brand huge number of addons (both free and premium) – themes and plugins.   Risks Unfortunately, the huge popularity...

6 reasons why it is worth having your website administered by specialists

13-06-2011, Category Maintenance

First, let me answer one question: When is it not worth having your www site administered by specialists? There are really not many such situations: Situation A: a company rarely updates its website but that means that is does not treat online activities seriously, which is why we will not dwell on that. Situation B: a company takes on an employee, a qualified webmaster, to take care of the website. Assuming that he is willing to work overtime from time to time or work on holidays, then an agency may not be necessary. The end. In any other situation it will be more effective to have specialists manage the content of your website. Why? 1. CMS is always a compromise In practice, there are no longer any websites built without CMS – a built-in administration panel. However, every solution like...

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