Marketing Automation 101: How to Pick and Implement a Platform

07-02-2017, Category Online Advertising

World wide web marketers face a constant struggle for Leads (people who left their data on the website) and potential customers. They search for future clients in all available channels. People are caught while searching for items (SEO + AdWords), according to social media activities and researching company webpages (forms, download centers), in brick-and-mortar stores (surveys, loyalty programs), and in the mobile channel (apps, search). Unfortunately, a single action of getting someone’s email address is just the beginning – according to statistics, only 1-2% of freshly acquired leads are ready to purchase as they visit the website for the first time. The rest of them require a considerable amount of work, that consists mainly of education and not-getting-in-their-way during the purchase...

How to handle emailing properly?

14-06-2012, Category Online Advertising

There comes a time in each company when it’s necessary to send mass emails. And here I’m not talking about the internal distribution of communications to employees because this is usually dealt with by the administrators of the company mail, e.g. through recipient groups. What I’m thinking about is the external distribution, i.e. emails to potential or existing clients, partners or journalists. Before the need arises, no one is aware that such an action is not that easy and involves various risks. Risks The most frequent mistake is to send emails in such a way that all recipients see all their addresses in the distribution list. And it’s not about that one of the recipients may copy the list and use it for their own purposes. It’s enough that one recipient has their system infected...