Keep ignoring mobile and you’ll lose your ranking in Google

26-03-2015, Category Web Design

The time has come that you really MUST adapt your website to mobile devices. I explain why and suggest how to do it best. Photo by: Hernán Piñera ‘Fix mobile usability issues found on …’ Such alerts have recently been received by those users of Google Webmaster Tools, whose websites are not adapted to mobile. If you don’t use GWT and your website is found not adapted it is bound to be ranked down in Google search results without any warning. Yes, there’s no mistake here ‒ on 21 April 2015 Google starts to take ‘mobile usability’ of websites into account while assessing and ranking them in search results. That is why website owners from all over the world have got down to the mobile versions of their websites that were neglected or didn’t exist at all. But my clients don’t...