The process of building company website – part 1: Planning

10-05-2010, Category Web Design
The process of building company website – part 1: Planning

Companies build their websites relatively rarely – usually at the very beginning of their business activity and then approximately every 3-4 years depending on environment changes. By environment I mean technology (e.g. display resolutions), current trends (e.g. fashion for videos) as well as competitiveness because it is important never to stay behind competitors. Moreover, also significant changes within an organization such as rebranding or major labour turnovers (a new Board of Directors or a new Marketing Department) often require the creation of a new website. Due to the fact that this website-building process does not occur often, not all marketers are familiar with it. This makes the creation of websites, which are the basic tools of e-marketing, a unique opportunity. Planning The...

How to protect from spam?

28-09-2009, Category Other

Are you sick with spam and do you want to protect your box from unwanted mail? Do you want to understand where does it come from and how to fight with it? With this article you will learn the following: where does spam come from where do spammers have got your e-mail address from how to protect your e-mail address how to reduce the quantity of the received spam Where does spam come from? Majority of spam information comes from the United States (over 25%). The other two countries on this disputable podium take South Korean and China. International spam is made of advertisements of products and services offered by suppliers who do not care for their image. They use scale effect – sending millions of advertising mails in deep belief that there will always be someone who will decide to buy. Credit...

Archive: How to get a high position in search engines?

01-09-2008, Category SEO/SEM

Do you work in marketing and are you responsible for the company’s website? Do you want to learn what is SEO, what does it involve and how to realize it? With this article you will learn the following: what is SEO and what does it involve? how to effectively select key words? how to select SEO firm? what should be expected from the contractor? How do catalogues and search engines work? Internet catalogues – once the basic source of information on www sites, presently, in backstage position. They make lists of links to Internet sites accessible in the form of category tree. They are characterized by the way individual inscriptions get to the catalogue. They are added by hand by interested persons – most often creators or owners of www sites. Such a person – with the help of special...

Archive: How to define well requirements for a website?

06-08-2008, Category Other

Are you planning implementation of a new website and make preparations for the meetings with interactive agencies? Do you want to write a professional brief for www site? With this article you can learn, among others: what will the questions of website designer be how to begin with information accumulation what are the types of websites how can you write information structure This article includes 12 questions, which have to be answered. They define requirements to the website. When noting your own answers you will be prepared for the talk with interactive agency or you will gather materials for complete brief. Where to begin? Before gathering requirements to the website we have to prepare basic information about the firm, i.e. present your firm to the potential designer. This information...

Archive: How to choose the best hosting?

17-04-2007, Category Other

You face selection of hosting for your firm, but you have no certainty as to what and where to search? Do you need assistance in comparing offers and provider selection? With this article you will learn: what is the meaning of parameters describing hosting packages what are the duties of hosting service providers which option is the best for you which provider to select What is hosting and when do we need it? Hosting is – to put it simply – a service which offers access of a defined space and selected functionalities of internet servers. Hosting is used by big companies that do not maintain own server infrastructure or do it only partially. For example – many companies possess own servers of electronic mail, but corporation www sites are maintained on outside servers. What are the types...

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